Tortuguero, Limon
2 Hours
English, Spanish
July To October

A once in a life time opportunity for all nature lovers to watch sea turtles lay their eggs! Tortuguero is home to one of the most important nesting sights for Green Sea Turtles in the world. Approximately, over 22,000 sea turtles come to shore to lay their eggs in the coastline of this protected national park. Join your guide and witness the spectacular event of Green Sea Turtles nesting along the sandy beaches of the Caribbean on our Tortuguero turtle tour!

Your tour starts at the meeting location in Tortuguero village. After a quick meet and greet, your guides will explain the activity before either walking along the beach or taking a short boat ride to where the turtles have been spotted. Once the turtle is insight, you and your group will slowly be able to get close to the turtle whilst keeping a respectful distance. Your guide will give some incredible information about the life cycle of the Green Sea Turtles from hatching to breeding. With any luck, you will be able to see these incredible animals spawn, bury their eggs and return to the sea, all in one unforgettable night.

Finally your guide will take you back to Tortuguero village where your tour will conclude. More than a simple tour, this is a once in a life time experience that will be forever engraved in your memory.

DEPARTURE TIME 8.00pm to 10.00pm  (viewing times will be assigned by the national park)
RETURN TIME 10.00pm to 12.00am, respectively.
BRING It is highly advised that you wear dark colored clothes (black, dark green, dark gray, etc.) to camouflage you at night. It’s also recommended to bring closed shoes, mosquito repellent and rain coat.
Local certified naturalist guide Conservation sticker
Transport by boat (if necessary)
Gratuity (optional)

Please note: You are not allowed to bring any forms of electronics (including cameras or phones) on this tour. This will be a moment that you will keep only in your memory. We ask you to listen closely to your guides instructions and to not disturb the turtles in anyway!

Please also note that it is possible that you only see some small parts of the spawning process, such as the turtle going back out to sea. Our guides will do all they can to ensure you see these magnificent animals and the whole spawning process, but please know that we must play by mother natures rules.

Private tours with special prices for groups and families are available on request – please use the contact form on our contact page to request a quote.

Occasionally this tour can be cancelled at the discretion of the park rangers. If the tour is cancelled, then you will be offered a refund/not be changed or offered an alternative date of travel.



8.00 PM / 10.00 PM

Meet your guide at the designated meeting point where the activity and rules will be explained in detail. We will then wait for the right moment to enter the beach. Turtle trackers will advise where the turtles are and when they are coming to shore. Once we get a sighting, your guide will take you to the turtle either by walking or by boat depending on the turtles location.

Once you have arrived, you will be able to get close to the turtle while still remaining a respectful distance as the turtle begins to lay her eggs in the sand. You will learn all about the lifecycle of the Green Sea Turtle, from hatching to breeding, along with some interesting facts about these incredible reptiles. Our goal is to see at least one of the for processes of sea turtle spawning and with any luck you might just witness all four in one night.


10.00 PM / 12.00 AM

Your guide will then take you back, either by foot or boat, to Tortuguero village where your tour will conclude.

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