Tortuguero, Limon
2.5 Hours
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Experience the incredible river jungles on a one or two person kayak! Paddle your way through the wetlands of Tortuguero National Park and discover some of the rich and diverse animals that live in these forests. Your guide will lead the way through secret passages and canals which boats cannot enter. Feel completely emersed in nature as you drift through the amazing jungle rivers on this Tortuguero kayak tour!

Your journey begins in Tortuguero where expert guides will accompany you to the main wharf on the parks entrance where you will be able to board your one or two person kayak. Here you’ll be equipped with life vests and navigated towards the river jungle of Tortuguero National Park – one of the most biodiverse national parks in all of Costa Rica. This park boasts a large number hidden waterways and narrow jungle canals inaccessible by boats. Surrounded by dense tropical rainforest on both sides, you’ll leisurely paddle through mesmerising jungle rivers, spotting native animals that call this habitat home. With any luck, you may be fortunate enough to spot sloths, monkeys, basilisks, iguanas, toucans, macaws, caimans, river turtles, and much more. Your guide will be sure to help track down these animals and offer some insights into these amazing animals lives in Tortuguero.

Upon completing your kayak tour, you and your group will return to Tortuguero wharf where your activity will conclude.

START TIME 6.00 AM / 8.30 AM / 11.00 AM / 2.30 PM
END TIME 9.00AM / 11.30 AM / 2.00 PM / 5.30 PM respectively
BRING Sunscreen, hat, comfortable clothes, sandals or shoes, camera rain coat/ponchos and something to cover belongings in case of rain.
Local certified naturalist guide Kayak with paddles
Life jackets
Tour guide and volunteer’s gratuity (optional)
National Park Entrance Fee

Please note: This tour does not include entrance to the national park – this can be paid to the park warden before the tour embarks.

Private tours are available on request – please use the contact form on our contact page to request a quote.

Though there is both a morning and afternoon tours, we recommend the morning tours if you would like to see animals as they are most active at this time. On both tours, your experienced guides will do their best to spot animals but please note we must play by mother natures rules and seeing particular animals is no guarantee.

If you are carrying a camera or phone for photos, please be sure to bring something to protect them from the water. Being a dense coastal rainforest, it can rain a lot in this area and it’s not uncommon for a little water to splash into the kayak from the paddles.

Children are advised to join a double kayak with an adult who can do much of the kayaking. This tour is not suitable for young children.

Additional information

Ticket TypeAdult, Child

6.00 AM / 8.30 AM / 11.00 AM / 2.30 PM

Meet your guide in Tortuguero village. Here you will meet be given a briefing of your tour and what to expect before heading to the docks where you can pay the national park entrance fee and embark on your one or two person kayak

6.15 AM / 8.45 AM / 11.15 AM / 2.45 PM

Begin your kayak tour to Tortuguero National Park. Your guide will take you to the edge of the jungle and then through some of the secret passage ways and winding canals that splinter through the thick rainforest where many boats cannot enter. Enjoy the incredible experience of having lush jungle canopy on both sides of you as your guide keeps their eyes on the many animals that call this place home including sloths, monkeys, basilisks, iguanas, snakes, toucans, macaws, caimans, river turtles, and a variety of birds and insects. Get your binoculars or camera ready for a chance to see some truly spectacular animals!

9.00AM / 11.30 AM / 2.00 PM / 5.30 PM

Your group will make their way back to Tortuguero village where your tour will conclude.
Tortuguero Kayaking
Tortuguero Kayak Tour
Kayak Tour
Tortuguero Kayaking
Kayaking Tortuguero
Keel-billed Toucan
River Turtles Tortuguero
Spider Monkey

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