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We are Eco Tours & Travel: an eco tourism agency for Costa Rica tours and activities. Our company was founded in 2020 as a means of reinvigorating Costa Rica’s booming tourism market after the pandemic. We focus primarily on promoting eco-tourism and sustainable travel, offering a wide range of activities and tours which emphasise the natural beauty of Costa Rica while also advocating for sustainability and protecting the incredible biodiversity of this amazing country.

Eco Tours & Travel also serves as your number one Costa Rica travel agent who not only can assist in reserving your tours and activities, but also help you save money! Though travellers visit us from around the world, many can be at a loss of what to do here. Costa Rica’s unique and varied geography means there is a near infinite amount of things to do. We are experienced and knowledgeable travel guides who know our country well. We want to also give you the best deal for your travel itinerary than anywhere else on the web, which is why we offer a 10% discount for all subsequent tours you book with us!

Our travel agents are here to help and speak both English and Spanish. Why not talk to us live right here on the website using the message button below!

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Our Dedication To EcoTourism & Sustainable Travel

Costa Rica is a very special place. Though it only makes up 0.03% of the earth’s surface, it contains nearly 6% of the worlds biodiversity. Over half a million species of various plants and animals thrive here and some are even endemic to this part of the planet. Close to one-third of Costa Rica’s land are dedicated national parks which are well maintained and protected. Many of the forests and animals are fully protected by both volunteers and government agencies. All of this makes Costa Rica one of the planets last havens for countless animals and plant life to flourish.

Despite of the incredible efforts of the Ticos (Costa Rican People), the increase threat of deforestation, pollution, and climate change has had a lasting impact on Costa Rica. Before 1940, around 75% of the land was covered in thick forest. Unfortunately, for around 50 years intense and unregulated logging and deforestation practise reduced Costa Rica’s forests to well less than half of what they once were. Thanks to government intervention in the 1990’s, much of the forests have returned but with the growing threat of climate change and extinction it’s now more important than ever to protect this slice of paradise and the many species that call this place home.

That’s why at Eco Tours & Travel, we have only partnered up with some of the best tour operators that care as much for the environment as we do. We understand the many challenges and obstacles ahead to protect the pristine beauty and rich ecosystems of this amazing country. Our vision is to continue working with only the best tour operators throughout Costa Rica who promote the incredible landscapes and biodiversity of this “paradise-on-earth” so it can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike for generations to come.

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Laurence M

Boat Tour in Caño Negro Wetlands

This was a real treat. The two of us shared a boat with our guide Rosi, who for the next 2.5 hours gave us a great tour of the river and wetlands. We saw very many birds, a few Cayman and lizards, iguanas. Rosi was very knowledgeable, the tour was calm and well paced. Rosi provides us with fruit and water. It was one of the highlights of our three week trip to Costa Rica.

Joshua Z

Boat Tour in Caño Negro Wetlands

Rosi was a knowledgeable and accommodating guide. She certainly knows her birds and, most importantly, the area. As we were leaving the dock, she described the plan for the tour and asked us what we wanted to see. When we answered, Roseate Spoonbill, she said other direction and turned the boat around. We saw the spoonbill.

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